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Mohamed's Email

Page history last edited by Mohamed Kulaib 9 years, 5 months ago

Dear,  Professor Jared

        Hello, my name is Mohamed Kulaib. Why do I believe that you should choose me to be in your class? Well,todayI'm going to tell you why you should pick me over any other your other student to be apart of your amazing course.  My degree that I am pursing  is computer programming, and with my ability to program I allow you and millions of other people to use a computer without really knowing how it works. It is my duty as a programmer to understand how the computer works and to help people whom do not have my knowledge to use a computer. By taking your course it will help be expand my knowledge when I am writing programs, because technical communications and computer science are somewhat based on the same principles of each other. By me learning technical communication it can help me understand and make information more usable for me to use as a programmer. One of my greatest strengths, that I believe, I have as a writer is taking images or my imagination and describing it in words, and making a story out of that. One weakness that I am trying to improve on is that I sometimes lack consistency. A part of the story might be astonishing, but then for some reason there will be a part that will be abominable. I plan on turning my weakness into strengths, which I believe this course will help offer me.  I have plenty of ideas that I could offer to this class if you where to take me in. The first thing would be is when I learn something I don't just learn it. I understand what I am learning and add on to it to help make it easier for me and other students to understand. I am an honest person and I like to get my work done once I start on something, never do I quit even if I have no more options I will figure something out, but quit is never the option.

Sincerely, Mohamed Kulaib

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