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Lauren Harmon SWA's

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Anderson points many useful guidelines, which are some that i would have never considered using.  A résumé needs to be free of errors and have a very professional tone and look to it. Anderson states that a résumé needs to be clear, nice looking, and easy to read. It needs to be very specific, and written with proper verb usage so that the reader can easily understand the information they are trying to get across. Another tip that I found interesting was listing the most relevant job first, because it appeals to the reader. Considering when i write my resume i put my current job last as well as my current education last. Stating professional objectives using a certain tone, and providing valid references are also some essentials to creating a well developed résumé. Thinking about the reader is very important while writing a resume.


For Project 1, I have found a job position that I will apply for at ConsumersEnergy. I The position at Consumers Energy is related to Information technology and computer science. 


e Business Technology Solutions (BTS) Internship Program is geared toward current college students who have a passion for Information Technology and an interest in Consumers Energy and the energy industry. The BTS Internship Program at Consumers Energy has core principles of skill development, ability enhancement, and knowledge application experience designed to be complimentary to traditional classroom instruction. 



I am going to strive to write a résumé that is approximately one page in length, because I want to use some of Anderson’s tips. It will have my past and current jobs, as well as my strengths and skills, and extracurricular activities. 


This course is definitely important to this résumé, because Engineers and technology majors do a lot of professional writing. I would probably include the computer courses that i have taken at Wayne state once i start to begin them to make my resume stand out more, and appeal more to the internship I'm applying for.


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