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Gianluca's Introductory Email

Page history last edited by Gianluca Scerri 9 years, 3 months ago

To:                   Dr. Jared Grogan
From                Gianluca Scerri
Subject:             My application for ENG 3050        

Dear Dr. Grogan,

My name is Gianluca Scerri, and I am currently a senior studying kinesiology, with a concentration in exercise science.  After I am finished with my undergraduate degree, I also plan on applying for the school of physical therapy here at Wayne State.  In order to apply, I must complete either this class or ENG 3010.  

I chose to apply for this class because I feel I will be able to learn more about technical writing, which in fact is a topic I am not too familiar with.  Also, if I were to take ENG 3010, it may simply be another English class where I am writing a few papers on topics I am honestly not very interested in.  

The small amount of research I have done on technical writing is enough to make me want to take this course.  Having the ability to write in a concise and efficient manner with the aid of technology is critical in today‚Äôs society. If I was allowed to take this class, it would undoubtedly help me when I would be either applying for the school of physical therapy, or even writing a better resume, to name a few.  

I have noticed and have also been told that I am a good leader when working with others.  I have read from the syllabus that there are group activities in this class, and I would definitely make it easier on those who may not have the same leadership skills that I have.  

Being a leader is as said a great strength of mine, but I am also gifted when it comes to working well and efficiently with others, which may be even more important than just ordering people around.

Although I am a strong leader, a weakness that comes to mind which this class can definitely help me in is my punctuation.  I am a good writer, but sometimes I am not one hundred percent certain about my punctuation whenever I am writing something.

Lastly, I have completed the prerequisite for this course, ENG 1020.  

Your time is greatly appreciated.

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