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Ben's Intro Email

Page history last edited by Ben 9 years, 3 months ago

Professor Grogan,

I would like permission to take ENG 3050 next semester. It would benefit me greatly to take the course, because I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and it is a requirement for me to graduate. In the field of Computer Science communication is key between team members and supervisors, therefore knowing how to properly communicate efficiently and effectively is essential for success. According to the syllabus this class focuses on, but is not limited to, writing technical reports, papers, and memos which will be helpful in my career field. By having this knowledge and having the ability to properly apply it I will become a more effective part of the class, and team member in a future career.

As a writer I have an extensive vocabulary and experience in academic writing, ranging from persuasive essays to research papers. I have taken various classes that require me to write for a wide-range of purposes and for a multitude of audiences. As a writer, I am determined to keep my work professional and informative, stating the facts as objectively as possible and interjecting personal opinions to influence my arguments as appropriate. In the past, my tendency was to come off topic, on the precipice of rambling. I have accepted constructive suggestions from previous mentors and have reduced my tendency to wander off topic. From these suggestions I was also able to learn how to effectively explain an idea in fewer words, which proved helpful when an instructor assigned a paper with a fixed number of pages or words. I now consider myself an effective communicator, "painting pictures" only when necessary.

My contributions to the discussions of the class will be varied and many, from a simple comment to being one of the main contributors to the discussion. I participate openly, with or without provocation. I am comfortable working as an individual, but I am equally proficient working with others in a team effort, which according to the schedule of assignments will be an often occurrence. I can invoke quality conversation and discussion regarding the current topic or assignment, and my contributions during these discussions will effectively assist in bringing the class, or small group to a conclusion on the subject matter at hand.

It is for the reasons listed above that I wish to take ENG 3050, and why I believe I should be granted permission. This class is required for me, however I see it more as an opportunity to make myself a better writer, and an overall better communicator.

Benjamin Cebulski, fp2708

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