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Page history last edited by bhavini patel 8 years, 10 months ago

Dear Dr. Jared Grogan,


            My name is Bhavini Patel and I am a Biology major hoping to get into dental school. I believe that I should be accepted in this course for numerous reasons; one of them being that this Technical Communication course would let me acquire beneficial skills that would be helpful throughout my academic career. This course provides proper ways to write professional and business e-mails, resumes and many other reports that would be useful for any career choice I choose after my undergraduate degree.

            Strengths that I perceive as a writer are the time and effort I put into my work which leads to a lot of detail and precision in my work. I try to use all the resources I can for any given assignment before submitting it. The intense detail can sometimes lead to my working trailing off topic and some grammatical errors.

            I believe I can offer this class great work ethic and a positive attitude. I don’t like to give up very easily which allows me to push not only me but also my peers harder to achieve a goal. I have a lot of experiences from the past which can bring some diverse ideas and aspects that can contribute to the class.

            I am looking forward to be in your class this semester which will give me the opportunity to achieve all the skill I can.



Bhavini Patel 


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