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Ben Cebulski

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Haley Spens (left) and Ben Cebulski (right)



"I would like permission to take ENG 3050 next semester. It would benefit me greatly to take the course, because I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and it is a requirement for me to graduate." To read the application email in full, click here.


Group Thought. January 15, 2015, https://lmspeersupport.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/how-to-get-the-most-out-of-group-work/.


Classroom Information

View Syllabus for ENG 3050.


The four main assignments for the class are as follows:

Project 1: Resumé, Cover Letter and Professional Website (includes a digital resumé, cover letter and portfolio)  

  • Components Due Week 3-4  
  • Value 15%

Project 2: Technical Instructions (Wiki-How) and User Test Memos (both can be collaborative) 

  • Components Due Weeks  6-8
  • Value 25%

Project 3: Two-Component Report:  Collaborative Research plan and Technical Report

  • Components Due Weeks 10-15
  • Value 40%

Project 4: Performance Review Memo  

  • Due Week 15
  • Value 10%


In class there will be a few Short Written Assignments (SWA) and Group Work (GW). To view these assignments follow the link below.

Short Written Assignments and Group Work

  • Due on a 'Just-in-time' basis
  • Value 10%


Group Work

To view my Group Work in this course, click the following link Group Work


Short Writing Assignments

To view my SWAs in this course, click the following link Short Writing Assignments


Ben's Pre-Project Work

To view my responses to the Six Reader-Centered Strategies, click here 

Ben's Analysis Workshop



Ben's Project 1


Ben's Project 2 


Project 3 Team Page  (OLD)


Project 3 HSSE




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