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Page history last edited by Brian Atiyeh 9 years, 6 months ago


Dear Professor Grogan,

I would like to apply for enrollment in your English 3050 class for the Winter 2015 semester and I strongly believe that I will be a good addition to the class.

This class will be instrumental to my future career goals as a computer science major in the college of engineering here at Wayne State. Not only is this course required for me to graduate, but I think it will really improve my writing in a professional atmosphere. Writing in a professional manner without error will allow me to communicate well with my coworkers in the future. It is not enough to only act professionally, one must write professionally as well.

I feel my strengths as a writer include
     -Structure/organization of my writings
     -Relatively few grammatical and spelling errors among my writings
     -Research to find reliable and strong sources for my writings

I feel my weaknesses as a writer include
     -Not devoting enough time to multiple purposes in a writing (one will be highly developed, the other will not)
     -Choosing which details to best use in my writing and which should be left out to make things more concise

I believe I have much to offer this class in terms of group activities and completing all four learning outcomes as stated in the syllabus. My background as an honors student will help me as a leader in groups and bringing my ideas to the forefront of our group activities. In terms of the four learning outcomes, I believe I will be able to achieve outcome two (reading and analyzing) best after just completing the English 1020 course with a high grade. I believe I will also be able to show that I have achieved the other three learning outcomes by the end of the course through my work ethic and writings.

Thank you for your consideration,
Brian Atiyeh

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