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User Test Memo Phase 1, Testing

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User Test Memo Stage 1 - Testing

Introduction / Rationale:


An excellent way to evaluate the usability of a draft of a technical document is to conduct a user test in which you give your draft to members of your target audience, asking them to use it in the same way that your target readers will use the final draft. You will produce a data collection artifact that records the results of your test.


Assignment Prompt:


For this assignment, you will conduct a user test of a nearly finished draft of your set of technical instructions from the previous assignment (see Research).  


In order to conduct a user test and write a report memo successfully (see 2 C), you will need to look carefully at the sample user test designs and user reports in Anderson, Chapter 18.


Preparation:  Prepare a user test and data collection artifact as described in your text.  This test should not take longer than 15 minutes for an average user to complete.


Research:  Conducting a user test is primary research.  Identify 2-3 people to serve as your test readers and arrange for them to work independently.  Ideally, test readers should have varying degrees of experience.  


Design a method and instrument to collect usability data from your target readers.  If you can, arrange for a performance test, where readers will actually perform the process in your set of instructions You can design an observational instrument to collect data from a performance test.


If it is not feasible to arrange a performance test (e.g., if your instructions describe how to perform an autopsy), arrange for a location test or an understandability test.  You can design a questionnaire or interview instrument to collect data from a location or understandability test.  


Your testing must produce some sort of data collection artifact which can be submitted as an appendix along with your User Test Memo (stage 2 C of this assignment).


Supporting texts: Anderson, Chapter 18



Learning Objective:


Student will be able to conduct open-ended outcome-based testing, and to record the results in a usable manner.


Minimum Requirements:


  • Data collection artifacts from no less than two test takers.


Due Date:

Week 7, Friday Anytime



User Test Memo - Stage 1 - ENG 3050 Rubric



General Description

Assignment Specific


Audience & Purpose

How well did you analyze the likely audiences for this communication? How well did you tailor this communication to that audience?

Is your document useful and persuasive for these intended audiences?

Do your usability tests and data collection artifacts encourage unbiased observations/study?

Is the test relatively easy to read, understand, and complete? (This can be determined by your 2C memo)



How thoroughly did you investigate the subject(s) of this composition?  

Did you select an appropriate and ethical research method?

Do you show the results of that research in this text?

Did you find an appropriate range of test subjects?

Did your test adequately address the needs of the user community?


Content & Organization

Does your content support your claim / purpose, and is it usable for your audiences?

Do you employ the appropriate superstructure for this audience and purpose?

Do you employ standard forms of technical organization (i.e., moving from general to particular, writing in a descending order of priority)?

Do your script and procedure documents let the reader know when to begin and end the test?

Does your test procedure follow a logical, actionable order?


Format & Design

Is this document usable, attractive, and easy to navigate?

Do you make effective and persuasive use of relevant visuals and graphics (labels, captions, color choice, etc.)?

Do you make effective and persuasive use of page design (e.g. white space, quadranting, headers, etc.)?

Is your test designed as a script, and does it include a consent form?  

Do the test and artifact look relatively neat and professional?


Grammar & Style

Do you write in an effective and efficient technical prose style (e.g. spelling, grammar, concision, tone, accuracy, etc.)?

Is your test clearly worded and easy to follow?



Points Possible


Total Score



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